Fleeting History

Photograph by and Courtesy of Daniel Garay Arango

Daniel Garay Arango is a photographer from Colombia Who's focus is in black and white architectural and street photography. Through his series "Fleeting History" of black and white photography and deconstructing the monuments, Garay explores the relationship between the past and present, human and architecture. It is proof that our existence and change in human nature is indeed linked to the lives of these architecture.

"My work is an exercise of patient observation. Exploiting architecture as my main language, I want my photographs to be timeless. There's no day or age, just light, textures and shapes."

GRVTY2 (Fleeting History)

This series explore those known structures in a different way: to view them as ephemeral as we really are; tied them to our fate, our fragile existence; our own fight to survive the elements and the rules of physics. They will be here as long as we exist, and not much more than that.

Photograph by and Courtesy of Daniel Garay Arango

For millennia, we've built monuments to remind ourselves and future generations how much power can us humans have, wether it's over our own kind, or in a general sense, over the world around us.

Photograph by and Courtesy of Daniel Garay Arango

We observe in awe when we're in front of such vast structures that look bigger than history itself; we hear and read stories about how they were conceived and created, the wonderful minds behind them. We even get to think about how every one of those structures will remain standing long after we're gone.

But how long is the history of humanity really? How many empires and nations have been built just to remain only in memories at the end of it all? As Don DeLillo says, “a person rises on a word and falls on a syllable.”

Photograph by and Courtesy of Daniel Garay Arango

What once was an amphitheatre for 70.000 people who witnessed the most vivid representations of heroic wars and conquerors: what once was a monumental offering for a city's deliverance from the plague; what's now a remembrance of the World's Fairs from past centuries or a wonderful archive of the history of cinema; they will all have to face the pass of time and the inevitable decadence by the hands of nature.

Photograph by and Courtesy of Daniel Garay Arango

"I'm in a permanent quest for the unknown, escaping the everyday routine. Using black and white and imagination as my main tools, I try to take the city to a whole new level and meaning, revealing what always hides in plain sight."

Photograph by and Courtesy of Daniel Garay Arango


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