Designing Neverland

Images Courtesy of Cicu

Designing Neverland - A designer's guide to designing your baby's crib with Circu's out of the world furniture.

Out with the traditional boy girl room of pinks and blues and in with the trendy pastels and the never land of design.

"To a kid, a room isn't just a place to sleep - it's a place to laugh, play, grow and discover."

- Circu

Children's imagination needs to run wild. Their imagination exceed to the unexpected where through our eyes we may see a regular table while through their's it is a ship awaiting to set sail for an adventure that's yet to be discovered.

Circu truly captured the children's spirit by bringing what is in their imagination to life.It's every kid's dream: A secret little hideaway that exponentially ups the fun and imagination factor in his or her own bedroom. Enter: The handmade beds crafted by Portuguese furniture artisans . Whether it's in the form of a car, a space ship, a balloon, or a shell, these incredibly cool beds have us wishing we were children again.

Images Courtesy of Cicu

Stylish fairytale furnishings for little princesses

The princesses in the past have influenced the fashion and always aired splendor, luxury and style. The popular classic fairy tale for Cinderella is a part of cultures for centuries, but the romantic love story can be reinterpreted. Fulfill the dream of the little princess. From classic, contemporary to completely extrav- agant – the kids room ideas for girls are endless. With a little help, you can create a trendy fairytale ambience.

Images Courtesy of Cicu

With a Magical mirror made by traditional techniques of carving, made entirely by hand, you can design for her a window to a world of magical adventures. The finish are made of silver leaf, with a pink translu- cent varnish. This mirror has a 19" television inside. You want her to grow up in a safe space surrounded by magic and precious dreams. You want her to have the place to dream big, think of pretty fairies and butterflies, and stretch her wings to fly. An ideal bed- room for a little girl lets her do all this. Fairy tales come true when your little princess dreams in this fanciful bedroom furniture collection.

Images Courtesy of Cicu

Little mermaid bed it’s a shell shaped bed. Shells are meant to protect little pearls, to protect them from the Mother Nature. This princess bed will also protect your little girl, and help her to dream and become a undersea princess. This piece is made in fiberglass, nacre painted. Inside, it contains lighting.

" Little girls can feel like real princesses even if only their dream world is in their bedroom "

Fantasy Air Balloon

Images Courtesy of Cicu

Fantasy Air Balloon , inspired in the world of adventure. Is the perfect piece for your kids to dream and be happy! This bed can be customized for little girls or boys. When they grew up, this baby nest can be transformed into a teen sofa. With large storage capacities this amazing piece will help parents organize their kids room. The bottom of this piece is made of the best wickerwork techniques. This handmade touch bring a special touch to this piece.

" We have so many cool designs for kids. The trick is to find ones that fit their personalities and work with whatever else is going on in your house. The most important thing a kid’s room has to have is some element of magic, something that really sparks their imagination. "


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