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Image Courtesy of Anna Zalevskaja

Christmas is the season where we are all reminded that joy still exists in our lives. In the smallest yet simplest things in life, through love, from our family or friends, or even the first snowflake that introduced winter. We hurry up to decorate our home or stores for the festive season and bake our hearts out perfecting the perfect Christmas bunt cake. Christmas is the time of the year where the birth of Christ is celebrated. Because the day he was born, and the Star has shined brightly was the day he graced us by his love and compassion. He lit up our hearts and gave us Joy and peace. Through that is why Christmas is the season, where Joy and love are spread through all our hearts.

"These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full. This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you."

- John 15:11-12


This season, Anne's Magazine united Bloggers, influencers and designers from different parts of the world in social media. Together we shared our Christmas traditions and experiences along with all the Christmas hacks and this season's trends..


Bucharest, Romania


I’m an artist, I write and sing since I was little and it brings me so much joy to be able to have my passion as a job.

What do you admire Most about Christmas?

The feeling that anything is possible.

What are your Christmas traditions?

I always decorate the tree at the beginning of December because I want to enjoy the christmas spirit as much as possible. Then, on the Christmas day, we always have lunch at my parents’ place, all the family around and we open presents.

What do you see trending this Christmas year?

Simplicity. I love white lights, minimalist decoration and cosines. I think people need time to enjoy themselves and I believe a minimalist home decoration can bring you that peace. It works for me.

What advice would you give when decorating your home for Christmas?

Don’t follow trends, haha. If it brings you joy, just do it.

How far in advance do you start decorating Christmas?

Since December 1st.

As an artist what inspires you during Christmas?

I'm always inspired by memories, and I have to thank my parents for providing me with beautiful, magical memories of my childhood Christmases.

Do you focus on a specific theme when decorating for Christmas? Even though there are so many options for decorating a tree, I always go for the red decorations, white lights and cosy blankets. My house is entirely white, so there is no need for anything else.

What do you see trending in fashion this Christmas season? I love dressing in white during Christmas, so therefore this is my personal trend. :)

Anna Zalevskaja Warsaw


I am a florist and art-director at “Lilit” flowers boutique in Warsaw. I aim to fulfil people’s special occasions with beauty and festive spirit.

What are your Christmas Traditions? My main Christmas tradition is to celebrate it with my family, and I always buy one or two new Christmas tree decorations.​

What do you see trending this Christmas year? Traditional red-and-green, very natural style is trendy this year. I think it’s very cosy.

What advice would you give when decorating your home for Christmas?​ I think you should do things that you love, things you feel comfortable with. A wreath on the door is a must-have for Christmas, so that holiday atmosphere greets you right at the doorstep.

How far in advance do you start decorating Christmas? The best time for preparations is at the beginning of December so that you have just enough time to enjoy the atmosphere of magic and fairytale. The Christmas tree, decorations and candles are so comfy, which makes you rush home after work.

What inspires you during Christmas? I find inspiration in Christmas movies and music, sometimes I see it in people or spacious rooms, having my morning coffee in a cafe.

Do you focus on a specific theme when decorating for Christmas? This year, our boutique offers its customers a classic Christmas combination of red-green and gold, recognisable style of the “Home Alone” movie, sometimes it is cheerful and unpredictable, like Kevin, and in other projects, it is calm, discrete and cosy.​

Do you have a Christmas Hack? For the second Christmas in a row, our little invention is a compact and pretty decorative Christmas tree. It’s an excellent option for those who have no time or extra space. It can also be a unique present for your beloved ones.​

What do you see trending in fashion during this Christmas year? Most definitely, this holiday season’s most popular decor is a Christmas wreath, whether hung on a door or a wall or even included into the design of a festive dinner table.​

What flowers would you recommend to give to a loved one for Christmas eve?

Christmas Eve is the period of poinsettia, the Bethlehem star; I would recommend choosing a beautiful and unusual variety in soft pink or white shades, it looks very festive and will set the mood for the whole Christmas season.

What do you consider the perfect gift?

The perfect present is the desired one, the one that has been well thought out. I love taking notes of what my friends and family would like to receive for Christmas so that my gift is useful for them. I love being gifted day planners, diaries, and beautiful pens, these are the things I always need. A new journal or a day planner gives me a feeling of a fresh start. And, of course, I pay a lot of attention to a gift wrap, the wrapping paper must be just as beautiful as the present itself.

Julie Peyton & Michaela Barrett​

Franklin Tennessee

We’re Julie Peyton & Michaela Barrett, a mother-daughter design team. We are social media marketing influencers and product stylists for national retailers, as well as providing styling & design services for local clients.

What are your Christmas traditions?

Our favourite Christmas tradition is Christmas Eve brunch. There are my husband & I and our three grown children (Michaela is our youngest and only daughter), two in-laws and four grandchildren (all 7 and under)! We have a waffle station, "make your own mimosa", Christmas punch for the kids and lots of other goodies. Rather than presents, Michaela’s dad & I focus on stockings. Everyone has a monogrammed stocking ( from Pottery Barn), and they are full of favourite candy, gift cards, small gifts/toys and all kinds of goodies!

How far in advance to you start decorating Christmas?

We begin preparing end of October, and start decorating in early November. Artificial trees may go up early, but our traditional love tree goes up on Thanksgiving weekend.

What inspires you during Christmas?

Cold, cloudy days, classic Christmas music, the smell of balsams and cranberries....big comfy blanket are all inspiring.

What do you see trending this Christmas year?

Red has made ​a comeback this year. Of course, red is traditional at Christmastime but wained slightly to neutrals the past couple of years. Lots of heavy garlands is also a big trend this season.

What advice would you give when decorating your home for Christmas?

Let your Christmas decor reflect your personality and what makes you happy. If whimsical is your taste, go for it! Trends are great, but your decor should reflect you.

Do you focus on a certain theme when decorating your Christmas?

Yes we both decorate with a theme in our own homes; it just helps the creative process. This year’s theme at the Farmhouse is vintage glam Christmas. Lots of fresh & beaded garland, cream, gold and silver.

Farley Berry

SW London


My name is Farley Berry owner of Lady Berry Cupcake decorating classes and parties a sugar-craft school based in SW London.

This year the gift of giving an experience is defiantly on trend! We all seem to have far too many material things filling our homes and are realising how wonderful living the joy of less is becoming more and more popular. So to buy someone an experience is defiantly popular. Gift vouchers for one of the 28 classes Lady Berry Cupcakes offers are indeed very popular for gifts with my customers.

What are your Christmas traditions?