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Bring the outdoors In


Images Courtesy of KOKET

Leaving winter behind and greeting spring with summer around the corner. The chance to run outdoor feeling the fresh spring breeze while admiring the beautiful colourful pallets spring bloomed from the trees and flowers while enjoying the sounds of the bird's melody. Why not experience Spring indoor ?

Koket shares all the tips and ideas to bring the outdoors in with their enchanting spring collection inspired by nature.


KOKET Stella Mirror

Nothing quite says Spring has arrived like the season’s first blooms. Colorful, cheerful and captivating, flowers are a perfect way to bring the beauty of Spring indoors. And KOKET loves flowers! Add a Stella Mirror with its exotic floral frame composed of fanciful stems and ethereal brass calla lilies.

KOKET Stella Mirror Images Courtesy of KOKET

Wrap yourself in a soft flower petal with the Bloom Chair, inspired by the tenderness of the prettiest Calla Lily floret. Bring the light in with one of KOKET’s floral inspired light fixtures such as the Botanica or Flora Sconce, or the Gia Chandelier. Or make a stunning design statement with the spectacular Orchidea Sculpture—representative of love, luxury, beauty and strength, delicate metal orchids gracefully curve across this work of art.

Images Courtesy of KOKET


The sweet sound of birds chirping is a sure sign of Spring. Create a cozy seating area with a perfectly

appointed chair like KOKET’s Audrey or Chiclet set against a fabulous bird wallpaper. Or bring the natural beauty of birds inside with one of KOKET’s exquisite feathered designs like the newly released Temptation Bar Cabinet, or the iconic favorite, the Divine Armoire.

KOKET Divine Armoire

KOKET Divine Armoire Images Courtesy of KOKET


KOKET Enchanted Dining Table

Symbolic of growth and new life, branches are a beautiful way to bring the vitality of Spring inside. KOKET’s Enchanted series captures the alluring essence of an enchanted forest. Mesmerizing the beholder with gilded branch-like structures, the Enchanted series consists of seating and tables masterfully handcrafted using the ancient labor intensive sand casting tradition.

KOKET Enchanted Dining Table

Images Courtesy of KOKET


Images Courtesy of KOKET

Butterflies are powerful representations of life. Awakening in Spring and gracefully fluttering through the sky, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life. KOKET’s Nymph Chandelier embraces the wild side of this rare and beautiful animal that bejewels the lighting fixture. Delicate metal butterflies hover in the air in perfect harmony composing an overblown dramatic silhouette, which gives shape to the luxurious chandelier


While perhaps not particularly indicative of Spring, adding gemstones to your interior is a stunningly

luxurious way to bring the outdoors in. KOKET’s Vivre Chandeliers & Sconces radiate nature with their hand-selected agate slices.

Images Courtesy of KOKET

Nature - Inspired Hues

When it comes to color composition in interior design you can never go wrong with pairing colors that exist together in nature. So for some fresh Spring flavor look for vibrant greens, sunny yellows, soft violets, sky blue and cloud white. These nature-inspired hues are sure to bring the blissfulness of Spring inside.

Images Courtesy of KOKET

Design Inspiration

Combined fabrics - Paris velvet violet, Paris velvet Khaki and Aqua Marine LUX together made the perfect colour pallet for spring and nature. The Nymph Chandelier created movement in the space - the illusion that the butterflies fluttering freely. Inspired by KOKET's collection and applying their tips and ideas I created a mood board transforming my space into an indoor spring garden.

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