Branchial Mask

A new addition to our day - to - day wear got introduced to our closet in 2020—the face Mask. Many of us now are trying to find ways to incorporate the face mask to our style, and many designers such as Marcel Wanders are creating innovative yet stylish face masks that complement our outfits while at the same time serves protection. 2020 has become the rise of fashionable and innovative face masks.

Pamela Tan

With advanced nanotech materials and technology providing high protection and comfort, with a careful study of the anatomy of the human's face, Pamela Tan created the

" Branchial Mask."

Tan achieved not only a High-End stylish face mask but included advanced technology and nanomaterials that provide high protection from any pollutions or viruses found in the air.

Keeping into consideration comfort by studying the anatomy of the face. Tan designed the form and function inspired by the elements of the fish gill system keeping it lightweight and creating flexible membrane functions that filter out the virus and other harmful particles while at the same time easily allowing the flow of oxygen.

Female's face Mask

Male's Face Mask

Shown on the exploding diagram of the mask the layering of high advanced nanotech materials. Nanomaterials are science-based materials, an approach to nanotechnology where materials developed with unique optical, electronic or mechanical properties.

Tan developed a mask using the nanotech materials that reads air quality, transferring the information to the smartphone device while the system filters the air.

“The mask is a submission proposal for ‘Mask Design Challenge’ hosted by FabCafe. I was personally invited by the organizer to participate as a contestant. They wanted me to submit a speculative mask design proposal that reflects my design language.” Says Pamela Tan to Anne’s Magazine.

FabCafe Global hosted the Mask Design Challenge to gather ideas and design solutions from creators around the world by designing innovative mask designs.

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