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‘With these sheets I have been able to explore much further the idea of light as a flat object, as something touchable and malleable – not housed in a glass bulb or a neon strip, but an object you can bend and twist – and almost see it come alive in your hands.’ Paul Cocksedge

Truly Inspiring with Paul Cocksedge's lighting installation of a magical illusion of sheets light in the dark

Through this exhibition, D Museum aimed to show the potential of light evolving as an artistic medium, a new form of unfamiliar stimuli to our consciousness’s and senses. With its nine distinct spectra created by light, and its experimental placing of viewers in control of new, spatial light, ‘Spatial Illumination – 9 Lights in 9 Rooms’ offered to open new horizons in light art

D Museum have invited Paul Cocksedge to be part of their inaugural exhibition introducing ‘Light Art’ – ‘Spatial Illumination – 9 Lights in 9 Rooms’. This exhibition was composed of nine separate rooms which contained artworks by leading artists, encompassed a variety of genres, which included installation, sculpture, video, sound and design.

Measuring eleven metres in length and reaching over seven metres at its highest point, this installation is ambitious and elegant. Individually moulded by hand in London, the seventy, A3-sized sheets are made from cast acrylic, edge lit by LEDs and are assembled on site in a barely visible arrangement to the human eye.

Photographs by Mark Cocksedge

Other participating artists were: Carlos Cruz-Diez, Cerith Wyn Evans, Erwin Redl, Flynn Talbot Olivier Ratsi, Dennis Parren, Tundra and Studio Roso.

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