Photograph : David Yeow

“My feet may be stuck on earth,

But my mind is a realm of Eden;

The heaven’s wonder.”

‘Eden’ blurs the boundaries between man-made wonders and the beauty of nature. Opening up your senses to a world of delight and new sensations through a curated retail experience. ‘Eden’ is a celebration of natural elements, merging the lush greenery of the existing site-163 Retail Park with a wondrous landscape referenced from the mythical story of the ‘Garden of Eden’. Providing visitors with a refuge away from the hustle and bustle of daily life; as a space of solace and contemplation.

Photograph : David Yeow

Pamela Tan explores various fields in art, architecture and design. Her work oscillates across and blurring the boundaries between disciplines that embody narrative and values in all form. She aims to propose speculative ideas that seek the subtle unseen and unveil the hidden delights in all scales.

Following a pathway covered with crystal white pebbles that leads you through an arched passageway inspired by Victorian-era steel conservatory structure. You're transported to another fairy-tale-like world allowing you to re-discover how nature can be experienced. A mythical white temple that creates a calm and serene environment is engineered of light, skeletal structure reflecting the 'Crystal Palace'; a massive cast-iron structure built to house the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London.

With each element merged becoming one single growing structure, and the garden passageway gives the form of hanging ‘vines’ hovering above the arches as if they were organically grown from ancient tree roots. Up close glass spheres can be seen delicately perched on the cusp of the hanging vines, echoing water droplets that balance on the edge of the leaves. Shadows cast by the vines, Jules Verne’s drawings for the ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ brought inspiration to Eden. Enhancing the overall spatial experience of the journey.

"‘Eden’ wishes to bring you to re-discover the joys of looking closer, to cause you to momentarily suspend your beliefs and become a child once again. To believe, if only for a moment, that you are actually in paradise.

With that, we welcome you as you begin your journey into ‘Eden’."

Images courtesy of Pamela Tan

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