Known for their unique style that consists of bright vibrant colours, The inspiration behind Berlin-based artists Thomas Granseuer and Tomislav Topic is Space. Space is the fundamental inspiration.

Together the artists founded "Quintessenz" where with their murals, they use old factory buildings as their canvases as well as the use of every medium in both public and galleries. Their work not only uses shapes and patterns found in architecture, but it also interferes with its environment, changing the spectators' perception (of space). Their abstract work shares one thing in common: their art makes and creates space for its colour. To them, Colour is more than form but it is the content itself.

Starting out as students at the University of Applied Science and Arts in Hildesheim, they developed their own unique signature style. With roots in both graffiti-culture and chromatics, Quintessenz combine painting, moving image, and installation.

Kagkatikas Secret

What once was an abandoned old stone building found within the village of Kalkaska, Quintessenz has transformed a 400-year-old ruin into a beautiful, vibrant work of art. Their installation consists of suspended Mesh-like fabric that has been sprayed painted in 120 different shades, creating a kaleidoscopic, digital pixel- like mirage. Created especially for Paxos Contemporary Art Projects, Thomas Gransauer and Tomislav Topic joined seven other artists to transform the little lonian island of Paxos into an open-air gallery.

‘The wind and the sunlight make the installation appear like a digital body in the real world,’ explain the artists. It forms the interface between analogue and digital, between today and then, and between old and new. The great contrast makes the installation look almost unreal, as soon as the wind settles in the layers and the sunlight underlines the colours, even more, it seems as if there is only one place for this installation.’

Flickering Lights Installation

The German Artist have also taken the opportunity to create their dynamic installation in Panorama fair Berlin during Fashion Week. Hanging at the center of one of the fair's main rooms becoming the focal point, the installation consists of hand coloured panels of red and blue tones creating this elegant sense of movement.

Other Installations



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