The World is our canvas



"  The world is but a canvas to our imagination. "






Words spoken by Henry David Thoreau, a poet, a philosopher, also referred to as an anarchist, who believed that the world is filled with unlimited possibilities and opportunities that one can pursue. 


“ I do not wish to quarrel with any man or nation. I do not wish to split hairs, to make fine distinctions, or set myself up as better than my neighbours. I seek rather, I may say, even an excuse for conforming to the laws of the land. I am but too ready to conform to them.”


  Ever since I heard this phrase “ The world is but a canvas to our imagination”, over weeks I have contemplated about it.  Finally concluded, what if we don’ t paint our own canvas ? What if we all gather up as artists and architects, and collaborate, rather than focusing so much on division. Paint the world, creating one whole image ? Yes, we each have our own style. From the shifted paint strokes of Van Gough, to the abstract of Picasso, design over the past decades have developed and from each other inspired to create a new era of the design world. If one created his own artwork, and just kept it in secrecy in his own closet, then what use of an art gallery if it has no art ? Imagine if Da Vinci did not share his inventions - his work of art. Individually, we may be limited to our own imagination, however imagine how far we can reach when united, our imaginations will develop reaching to endless possibilities.


 The World is our Canvas, ready for us to paint as we wish our visions and dreams. Each year, we all have the opportunity to start with a brand new canvas - clear canvas ready for the first stroke of our brush. Each year, we have our own completed painting that we created, it may be a catastrophic disaster or a masterpiece, some collect their art work and some scrap them away in order to create a new collection. I personally like to keep each of my paintings that I have created each year, once hung in a gallery they tell a story of my journey that will soon lead to what I believe my masterpiece. Just as we have witnessed the journey of our transformation through art - the paintings created by the cavemen, to the era of the renaissance and to modern days of minimalism and contemporary art.



 2016 was indeed a tough year. It was a year where many unfortunate events have taken its course, causing a black mark on our canvas. However, What I do admire is the fact that us as artists did not allow that mark take it’s spot and stop us from getting inspired. We did not demolish a building that we carefully designed and engineered. Unlike the famous Rossauer Kaserne, where according to Viennese myth, the architect forgot to include toilets in a building, which once discovered he got so ashamed and committed suicide. Instead, We each took our own paintbrush, and painted over that mark creating our own and that building which we have built restored and preserved.


“ Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”                                                                                                                                  - Thoreau


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