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Anne's Profile

  As an interior designer, I've always kept a little black book by my side. Besides, inspiration is just around the corner, and it's essential to be prepared to capture every inspirational moment.

  Carrying a little black book is a must-have for every designer.. but where to start? Yes, we do get preoccupied with our daily lives, we end up blinded from admiring the architecture and beauty that surrounds us, Whether it's with the inner soul of interior design or the details of every brush stroke in a masterpiece. Anne's Magazine is created to bring the world of design on the palms of your hands. It is created for you to press pause, and get inspired.



Anne's Magazine has been created to become your personal little black book.​



What Inspires me in the design world?

   Inspirations are everywhere. As long as you keep your eyes open and take a step out in the world, you're bound to run into one.

But what inspires me deeply? Through my senses. The sense of sight, observing every small details and emotion surrounding me. The sense of scent, from the sweet smell of perfume to the rustic sent of oak wood sparks up my imagination. The sense of hearing, music inspires me deeply. My father always told me that music is one of the main sources of inspiration; with it, you can create the form of the building from the flow and movement of a symphony — lastly, touch. From the roughest stone to the smoothness of velvet inspires me to play with texture and find new innovative ways of marrying materials. I strongly believe that when it comes to design, it ís not only seeing it but to experience with all your senses.


   Sometimes inspiration happens when you least expect it. You can hear or see something that can trigger you into creating. 



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